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Zore Gun Lock

Zore Gun Lock

ZØRE-X™ is a caliber-specific, electro-mechanical lock that attaches to a semi-automatic firearm, preventing unauthorized use, while ensuring immediate usability by the owner when needed. ZØRE X™ is the fastest way to go from a locked firearm to disengaging, chambering a round and firing.


ZORE X’s revolutionary combination dial is designed to allow quick unlocking under any circumstances, even in zero visibility. The dial counts the clicks, and quickly recognizes the correct sequence. You don’t need to start from a specific point and even the direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) that you begin to turn the dial doesn’t matter. These two factors allow you to unlock your weapon without looking at it. You can choose a up to 20 digits, with up to 9 clicks each digit. You can roll past the last digit and the lock will still recognize the correct combination and immediately unlock. You won’t realize how fast it is until you try it yourself.


When locked – ZORE-X’s patent pending cartridge sits in the chamber, without applying any pressure to the gun. But, any attempt to charge the gun causes the cartridge to radially expand with 10x the force being applied to it. It prevents motion and immediately locks the gun.

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